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A short AdWords day-parting guide

(This post is written assuming you’ve got a decent amount of conversion data over a good enough period of time. I can’t define that for everyone, you’ll have to decide what’s good based on your industry.) Here’s a simple way to reduce your cost per conversion and improve your conversion rate. In your AdWords account, […]

5 AdWords mistakes to avoid

Google AdWords is a powerful search engine that provides a powerful platform for those seeking to make the most of their advertising budgets. However, without the right strategies and plans, it can turn out to be a complex beast. Here are five mistakes that you should avoid when running an AdWords campaign. Too many keywords […]

Facebook Advertising vs AdWords

There quite a few differences between Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords. – While users search using words and phrases called keywords on Google, Facebook only provides information about the likes (or perhaps dislikes) of individuals. – While searches on Google are more active in nature, Facebook likes are more passive. When a user searches on […]

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