5 AdWords mistakes to avoid

Google AdWords is a powerful search engine that provides a powerful platform for those seeking to make the most of their advertising budgets. However, without the right strategies and plans, it can turn out to be a complex beast. Here are five mistakes that you should avoid when running an AdWords campaign.

Too many keywords – When approaching AdWords, the first strategy seems to be adding as many keywords as possible without any thought towards the value of each keyword and their relevance to your campaign. Keyword selection should be a well thought out process with only the right keywords going in to your campaign.

Highlighting USPs – If you have a feature of speciality that distinguishes you from your competition, it’s seems obvious for you to highlight it. But its surprising that so many people fail to do so. If you have USP, you should be showing it off.

Just one campaign – AdWords allows you to make multiple campaigns. I doubt if any more are needed than available limit. But there are folks who don’t know that they can (or should) be creating more campaigns. Which brings me to my next point.

Different strategies for different platforms – Although AdWords is one system, it truly has two advertising platforms (I’m still simplifying when I say this) The Search Network and The Display Network. Each one calls for a different strategy and a one size fits all approach usually will not work. You have to tailor your campaigns accordingly with a more targeted campaign for search and a more general campaign for display.

Failing to Optimize – Most folks are busy and and can’t take enough time out from managing their day-to-day business to focus on their AdWords Campaigns. The first (gargantuan) effort in creating the campaign usually ends up becoming the last. What’s essential here is to optimize, to analyze and further improve your campaigns based on yours ads’ and keywords performance.

There are more pitfalls, but for someone seriously thinking about AdWords, these are a few to consider.


If you’re not getting any luck with your search marketing, perhaps it’s time to get an expert to optimize your AdWords Campaigns.